All the ways to increase website visitors

05 December 2019

How to increase the number of users who regularly read your content?

Here are some useful insights and ways to achieve this.



Increase website visitors? How to do?

For many creative agencies, we are increasingly interfacing with clients whose goal is to increase website visitors.

Having a website, especially for a B2B company, is essential today as more and more users are using the web to find information on products, companies and other kinds of knowledge.

There are various visibility techniques for a B2B site and for increasing visitors to a website.

Respecting the rules of User Experience, that is all the perceptions, reactions and emotions that a person feels when interfacing with the web is the first step but not the only one.

The User Experience has as its main objective that of creating pages that reflect the needs of users, they must therefore be effective and efficient with respect to specific objectives and that provide an experience that is not only useful, but also highly pleasant and satisfying.

The visibility techniques for a B2B site range from various elements, from technical, content, outpage to other.


Here are 4 ways to increase website visitors


Indexing is the system whereby a site is included in the index results of a search engine, with a certain order.

The ranking of the results obtained from a query (search) of a website depends on many aspects, and among these certainly the relevance of the contents is important, for this reason having a blog helps to increase visibility.


It is essential to create content that educates the user by attracting his attention, raising observations on the problems he himself may have, how he can solve them and with what tools!

The contents of a site must no longer aim solely at product technical information, but must also integrate many other components that help create a need and review the real solution in the product.

Offering quality free content is a great way to get more shares and, consequently, increase website visitors.

Contents? Not just textual!

By content we mean any express form and not just text but must include images, videos, tutorials, etc.

For example, do you want your users to visit your site regularly, and that the duration of their visits be quite prolonged? Tutorials and podcasts are a great tool.

If the topic you are dealing with lends itself to the creation of this type of content, regularly publish videos or text guides explaining something step by step to your users, who will begin to consider your site a valid collection of resources to refer to.

This also applies to creating videos and uploading them to YouTube; it is a source of traffic not to be underestimated.


Always share! This is a golden rule and one of the ways to increase visitors to a more frequent website.

It may seem obvious, but recommendations from other users are a great way to attract quality new traffic.