How content marketing for service companies can be helpful

14 April 2022

Content Marketing is the branch of marketing that includes all the techniques to create and share relevant and valuable textual and visual content around a brand, product or service, to create an engagement that also guides the purchasing process. of users.

Content marketing is that strategy based on the generation of valid, relevant and quality content, essential for attracting or retaining potential customers.

How to improve Content Marketing?

To improve Content Marketing it is useful to consider these salient points:

  • Define the objectives: the first step is the definition of the objectives to be achieved.
  • Define your audience and “buyer persona”: knowing your target audience can help you in the production of more relevant and performing content.
  • Create a content marketing strategy: it is necessary to evaluate which are the topics that may interest your audience, which are the most popular ones at the moment (in the sector), how they can be useful and how they can respond to the needs of users.
  • Manage an editorial calendar: using an editorial calendar allows you to plan the publication and sharing of different content formats in a correct and balanced way.
  • Create quality content: useful to meet the needs of your target audience.
  • Distribute content: Maximize content sharing to reach the right audience.
  • Evaluate and measure: it is essential to set the key indicators at the beginning of the strategy.

Content Marketing is increasingly used by companies as it is one of the most effective solutions for:

  1. increase brand awareness and reputation (brand awareness and brand reputation)
  2. create engagement with customers
  3. generate lead
  4. increase Sales.

Content is King“: the real strength of content marketing lies in the use of content.

Content Marketing allows you to collect qualified leads (lead generation) by creating and disseminating quality content capable of educating, inspiring and convincing potential buyers to become customers.

Blog and Content Marketing

The blog represents the backbone of a Content Marketing strategy.

The blog is in fact a very effective marketing tool: always updated with relevant contents produced by the company.

The communication of the company blog is aimed at the user, responds to his questions or needs and shortens the distance between company and user.

Advantages of having a corporate blog

content marketing

The main advantages of a blog are:

  • it is an acquisition channel: the blog is a persistent and economic acquisition channel for leads, contacts or information.
  • it brings qualified and targeted traffic because the articles respond to user searches.
  • it generates direct conversions: if the user has landed on an item that effectively meets his needs, he will be encouraged to contact the company through clear CTAs.
  • it improves positioning on Google: an updated blog with relevant content improves the organic positioning of the brand on Google.
  • it generates Brand Awareness: articles updated, original and published with a certain frequency allow the brand to be perceived as present, active and authoritative.
  • it informs the user about the context, services, products: the blog guarantees a direct information service between the company and the user.
  • it influences the purchase: because the information provided is perceived as less invasive than push campaigns and advertising content.
  • it makes it acquire new customers: a user looking for information can land on your article if this matches the search, the more the article will be relevant to the user, the more the user will trust you, transforming the user into a potential customer.
  • it builds customer loyalty: a well-structured blog also allows the company to retain its customers with interesting and quality content.
  • it increases the traffic coming from the Social Networks: the sharing of blog articles on the various Social Networks ensures that the contents also reach users looking for information on entertainment and leisure channels.