Sponsoring the mobile app and make it more visible! How to do?

04 November 2019

Sponsoring the mobile app adequately to increase its visibility is essential for the success of the app itself.

The mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones are a perfect tool for selling and sponsoring services and products.

Today the mobile device market has undergone a boom in sales and the number of mobile users has long since exceeded the number of desktop users and it is therefore increasingly important to optimize your sites for the mobile version, also thinking of adding to them a real app.

An app that stands out, original and unique in its kind is able to remain in people’s memory, generate word of mouth and attract links from high trust sites.

The moment of launching an app is very important especially because you want to get maximum visibility.

Fundamental is a coordinated work of publishing all forms of promotion, such as banners, blogs, official sites, social media, etc.

In this way the app can receive more attention from professionals and its potential users.

Finding the right time frame to sponsor the mobile app is a determining factor in the success of the app itself.Website for sponsoring mobile app.

Website for sponsoring mobile apps

Another basic aspect of sponsoring the mobile app is the website or the dedicated landing page.

With a well-optimized SEO website it is also possible to intercept the long-tail keywords of your target audience.

The site must be simple, clear, easily navigable and responsive: even a single page with an image, a text and a call-to-action that invites you to download on the various platforms (Android, IoS) is enough.

Another valid tool for sponsoring the mobile app is the blog that allows you to spread useful and interesting content for the target audience.

Everything related to the app can be told through an editorial plan that highlights the pluses of the app, studying with the utmost precision:

  • the buyer personas: that is the potential readers of the blog
  • keywords of interest: what the target users are looking for
  • the editorial calendar: planning what and when to publish

Sponsoring the mobile app: the role of advertising

Another tool for sponsoring the mobile app is online advertising, and therefore paid ads.

App campaigns allow you to promote iOS or Android apps on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play etc.

To increase visibility on social networks, on the other hand, it is possible to use Facebook Ads.

Another aspect that should not be underestimated is ASO optimization, or app store optimization, which is nothing more than a set of best practices for making the app visible on official marketplaces.

The goal is to find the right keywords used by the target audience to avoid using generic and competitive descriptors.

Therefore, maximum attention is paid to the title, category, description of the application and choice of images: the screenshots must be contextualized to encourage you to learn more and download the application.

Another secret to increasing the visibility of the app is to create a good relationship with the customer, pushing him to leave a review, feedback and critical issues, to which we can respond directly to create a relationship with the customer.