Do you want to know what the ideal structure of a website is?

04 November 2019

Do you want to know what the ideal structure of a website is? You are in the right place! When we talk about the structure of a website we refer to the way in which the pages are related to each other and to the experience of a user while browsing.

The structure does not refer to the appearance, the parts visible to the naked eye (for example the menu), but to something invisible and profound that only a good web designer is able to perceive.

The different types of structure of a website

Before explaining what the ideal structure of a website is, let’s briefly introduce the different types of structure of a website:

  • Network structure
    We find it on a free website where from the home page you can go to other sections without following an order. It is a free structure whose disadvantage is that of disorienting the user while browsing. Also, websites with this structure have a hard time ranking in search engines.
  • Linear structure
    It is a structure that follows a rigid order, based on the passage from a previous page to a next page, but without the ability to choose the only page you want to visit from the beginning.
  • Hierarchical structure
    From the home page, a series of pages can be accessed via a navigation menu. Despite being the most used structure, its disadvantage is a total lack of connection between the pages and therefore a poor user experience.
  • Mixed structure
    This exploits the advantages of the two previous structures, ie the pages and sub-pages are organized hierarchically, but it is possible to navigate in a linear way. This is the ideal structure that provides the link between the pages and the ease for Google to find them first.

Qual è la struttura ideale di un sito web

As we have just anticipated, the ideal structure of a website must be mixed able to guarantee an excellent User Experience.
In any case, before putting the ideal structure of a website on paper, three important steps must be defined from a conceptual point of view:

  1. The goal to be achieved.
  2. Target customers to be defined.
  3. The keywords.

From a technical point of view, we find other fundamental elements to consider:

1. Create a website structure tree
Creating the structure of a website is not complicated, you simply need to identify the pages you want to include in the navigation menu. The hierarchy and order are then indicated.

2. Create an SEO friendly website
The very first thing SEO tackles to track down information is the URL. For this reason, it is necessary to use keywords in the URL contained in the title and in the texts that are recognizable by SEO.

3. Improve the structure of a website through internal links
An ideal structure of a website cannot exist without internal links, i.e. connecting all pages to each other with the aim of improving navigability and user experience.
The user of today and of the future wants a quick and easy solution and the menu alone cannot guarantee it; for this reason, it needs the help of internal links between pages. These allow you to easily orientate the user and help Google find each page of our website faster.