Create mobile apps

25 April 2022

Why is it useful to create mobile apps? The smartphone is the most used tool for surfing the net. The advantage of this evolution is certainly to create mobile apps that allow consumers to approach companies and encourage the purchase of products and services from the comfort of their smartphone.

According to a study conducted by the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano last December 35.1 million Italians were connected to the internet via mobile, 87% of the network population, an increase of 4.5% compared to the previous year.

In short, while remaining closed in their homes and with the widest PC and tablet screens available, we continue to prefer the smartphone.

So if you want to be seen and found by your audience, it is essential to create mobile apps whose function is basically to allow the immediate use of content.

To achieve the goal, as already mentioned on other occasions, it is essential to have a mobile app optimized for all devices, so as to facilitate your users to use your services frequently.

Conversely, opening some apps through a browser is slower and much less practical.

It is therefore essential to create customized mobile apps.

Let’s see briefly what are the advantages:

1) Increase the visibility of your products and services

You can create mobile apps that showcase products and services through photos, videos and descriptions: in short, a virtual showcase.

You will then be present and visible in the App Stores around the world and reach a greater number of customers.

2) Be found

In the contact section of your mobile app, your references must always be clearly visible: enter website, telephone, email, social link and with the geo location on the map of your office you can be found and reached very easily.

3) Communicate with your customers

Thanks to the notifications, you can always communicate with your customers and update them on the company’s activities directly on their smartphone: news, promotions and events.

4) Increase engagement

Creating mobile apps can be a formidable engagement tool: you can tell your business and describe products / services in an engaging way to create a stronger bond with your audience.

5) Build customer loyalty

Thanks to the mobile app, the customer can view your products and services, discover promotions and read news directly from their smartphone, even on the move and in the absence of a network.

Big advantage over the website: many apps can also work offline!

These are obviously useful in those cases where payment transactions or particular shipments are not requested.

6) You need to be up to date

You cannot ignore the inexorable and continuous advance of the smartphone market.

So you have to adapt your business and the way to present it with new mobile technologies: in this way you will distinguish yourself from your competitors and give your company a modern image.

Undoubtedly, mobile devices have made communication easier and more fluid and are a central element of our life: a great opportunity for companies.

By now you know that creating mobile apps is a must!