How to get the user’s attention through content

26 April 2022

To attract the user’s attention through content, and to optimize visibility, you need to apply simple strategies following the right method to create a communication that is as efficient and consistent with corporate awareness.

As repeated several times, a site to be “user friendly” must respect certain standards of usability, which are expressed not only in technical factors but also in the contents.

Let’s take a small step back and see what is needed to attract the user’s attention through content.

The User Experience (UX) is the set of perceptions, reactions and emotions that a user experiences when interfacing with the web and in particular on a site.

This “experience” is aimed at satisfying the user’s needs while interacting with the website, and the main objective is to create pages that reflect the needs of users, which are effective and efficient, always taking into account the communication that is transmitted, which is why the contents are a fundamental part of this analysis.

A website with effective content certainly facilitates the SEO optimization and usability process and it is essential to contextualize them in a relevant and sensible way, considering the user’s Buyer’s Journey process.

Content created and placed on a site must reflect specific needs and answer consumer questions:

  • creation of an editorial plan;
  • topic and keywords to use;
  • funnel to be channeled;
  • use of a format suitable for the distribution channel.

These are the starting points for developing a site with effective content that attracts attention.

How to get the user’s attention through content

The contents must be centered, relevant and simply usable within the overall structure of the site, which is why it is important to optimize them in view of the specific criteria underlying the Google indexing system.

The contents are evaluated on the basis of their “substance” and their “form“, and in particular the form, must follow the essential general rules to be applied on each page in order to allow the user to move quickly and intuitively, to achieve their goals as satisfactorily as possible.

To attract the user’s attention in a fast and relevant way, the contents must have a personal linguistic style, optimized topics, a colloquial style and, moreover, of considerable importance, the contents must be “scannable”. Users spend only a few seconds on a page and very often do not read the texts in full, which is why “scanning” the text is important for the “glance” or to highlight the contents, phrases or words in order to attract the attention of the user and support him in navigation.