Mobile App Developers

20 April 2022

Mobile app developers have no easy task, considering apps are among the key factors that have led to the continued migration from desktop to mobile browsing.

Starting from sector studies that highlight the frequency of daily use of smartphones for various reasons, from information to entertainment, just to name a few, you can understand the importance of Mobile Apps. (Webateca internal link to “Importance of mobile apps” – Consideration / Web Agency).

It is useful to underline the basic function of mobile apps which is to allow immediate use of content: therefore mobile app developers will have to design a usable, simple and intuitive interface.

Therefore, when designing Mobile App developers, they will have to observe the principles of UI / UX design to improve the user experience and increase the downloads of your mobile app.

Let us briefly recall that the UI, or the user interface, is the part of the app (but also of each device) with which users interact: it must therefore provide the best possible interaction between user and app.

The UX, or the user experience, must offer users the best browsing experience possible, thus transforming casual users into loyal users.

UI and UX are therefore essential for Mobile App developers to obtain a simple and intuitive app with the aim of increasing the downloads of your mobile app.

Sviluppatori di App mobili

What elements should mobile app developers consider?

There are many elements that mobile app developers should consider that can affect the success of the app itself.

Let’s try to identify some of them.

Market / competitors analysis.

As with any self-respecting product / service, you must start from a careful market research of your competitors and identify the features that really differentiate you from them (for example the unique logo or the algorithm) and on which to focus.

Research on some keywords.

Identify those with which your app may be listed on Google or in the app stores. Keywords are fundamental and your positioning in the App Stores depends on them. Furthermore, to improve search ranking, it is essential to constantly monitor keywords and their performance within the search engine: you need to know which keywords perform best, or which ones are relevant and used most often by your target.

Operating system

Mobile app developers face this perennial Hamlet doubt: which operating system, Android (from Google) or IOS (from Apple)?

If you opt for development on the Android platform, you will be able to reach a wider market segment; with iOS, on the other hand, users deemed more likely to purchase are reached.

Even if the developed app is the same, the implementation and publication criteria require profoundly different parameters.

User Experience

Another essential aspect to consider in order to develop a successful mobile app is to respect the User Experience parameters. Certainly visually appealing colors in line with those of the brand are important, but usability must be the basis for development and create an agile and intuitive navigation, as well as pleasant.

Orientation of the mobile app device

The orientation of your device can affect the interaction a user has with your app: therefore mobile app developers will have to adopt a responsive design that makes interaction easier for users.


After you have carefully evaluated and planned the many aspects of the design, you can move on to prototyping.

This phase is very important to understand, before coding it, the result of what mobile app developers have created and to evaluate if there are some aspects to improve.

Are you ready for your successful mobile app?