How to create a content editorial plan for the website

04 November 2019

Before getting to know together how to create a content editorial plan for the website, we need to know why it is so important.

An editorial calendar helps us organize, plan and simplify the development of content for the website and social networks. It is a tool capable of transmitting trust and professionalism to the customer.
A content editorial plan can be made by following the steps we will describe now.

Here are 5 steps on how to create a content editorial plan for your website

# Create

A content editorial plan for the website can be created on any online platform (Google, Excel, etc …) by organizing the information by category and scheduling the publication through a fixed date.
It is advisable that the contents be planned several months in advance if not a year by defining in advance the objectives that the company must achieve.

# Observe

For content selection, it is a good strategy to look at the competition to identify the content that works best before deciding which ones to program.

# Fix

It is essential that important events relating to your business are contained in the editorial calendar.

Special dates (Christmas, New Year, Easter) must also be included as this will allow you to get close to users at the right time.

# Charge

It is necessary to define the authors and collaborators who will be responsible for planning / publishing the contents of the editorial plan.

# Select

Never forget the fundamental importance of choosing the right keywords or phrases for positioning content in the SEO field.

These little pointers that we have presented are a good start for those who want to create a content editorial plan for the website.