Content Marketing & Content Creation

Thanks to Content Marketing, and the Creation of specific Content designed to maximize the quality of the User Experience and improve the SEO impact, it is possible to “talk” to the user in the most useful and relevant way.

Content Marketing takes the form of a method for creating content and online interactions in order to attract, convert, close and retain customers with content and SEO oriented.

Content Marketing therefore aims to offer users content based on their interests and useful to satisfy their needs and, unlike the invasive techniques of traditional marketing focused on the cold contact of the potential customer, it focuses on conquering users through relevant and quality content.

The main purpose is to create content that is positioned on search engines in order to increase traffic to the website, convince the user to convert and maximize the quality of the browsing experience.

The activity begins by the publication of written content on the blog, both in terms of form and substance, in order to maximize the quality of the user experience and to be easily indexed by search engines.

The texts and the visual articulation are developed according to the methodology of the buyer persona and the buyer’s journey.

A buyer persona is nothing more than the semi-imaginary representation of the ideal customer, based on market research and on the real data that the company has of its existing customers: it is defined on the basis of customer demographics, behavior models, motivations for business objectives.

Its purpose is to help a company focus on offers and content that are interesting for the type of user it addresses, thus attracting more important visitors, who can become leads and customers.

The editorial plan of a single buyer person is articulated on the basis of the moment of his purchase path (buyer’s journey):

  • Awareness;
  • Consideration;
  • Decision

The contents that follow this logic have a higher probability of customer persuasion and a more evident relevance in terms of positioning on search engines.