Explain complex products

18 April 2022

Explaining complex products, which are usually the solution to complex problems, requires a series of particularly targeted and specific online activities because the product / solution will not sell if it is not communicated well. If you can’t communicate to your audience how the product will solve their problem, it will be hard to convert.

It will have happened to everyone to see a product on the web and after reading it all you are not clear about what it is.

This is a big problem for the company, particularly if it produces complex products that are difficult to explain.

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to adopt a particularly accurate digital marketing strategy, which is anything but simple. Inbound Marketing can be of great help in refining the tools to better manage this situation.

8 digital marketing tips

Here are 8 digital marketing tips that will help you:


  • Define your Buyer Personas

This is the first and fundamental element to be defined.

Your communication needs to be tailored to different target audience segments; conversely, you will not be able to generate effective communications to explain your products to them in a relevant way.

Inbound Marketing – which includes a series of online marketing operations aimed at attracting users to corporate web pages – and which we will discuss in future blogs, is the indispensable tool that can help you.


  • Focus communication on benefits

Consumers are interested in the characteristics and functionality of the product, but above all what advantages they will derive from it.

So, the focus of your communication must be on how your product can solve their problem and make their life easier.

To explain complex products and illustrate the features of the products and how exceptional they are, you could use a video to show what changed “before and after” using the product or service.


  • Increase your content creation

Content, as we know, are the key elements for communicating and engaging consumers on the numerous channels available online.

You can’t sell your products with optimal resources to people you don’t know, you have to publish interesting and relevant content (or different types, formats, varieties) relevant to your buyers – this is particularly suitable and useful for explaining complex products.

The quality of the content is essential but the quantity is also important.

To explain complex products, you need to produce high-quality, targeted content in large quantities on all major distribution or communication platforms.

This is essential to ensure your brand can communicate effectively and consistently with your target audience.

You need to be connected with your users across multiple channels to increase your brand identity and brand value.

Spiegare prodotti complessi

  • Give your brand personality

The well-known saying “Would you buy a car used by this man?” is still valid today.

Before buying your product, people want to know who you are, your brand, your story, if they can trust you, before making a decision.

Consumers are actually buying experiences.

This is especially true in competitive markets and with complex and expensive products.

So you have to “humanize”, give a personality and a more dynamic face to your digital presence through good visibility and brand reputation that increase engagement and reduce the marketing funnel, thus promoting conversion and therefore sales.


  • Fuel engagement

To explain complex products that therefore require explanations and insights, you should produce content on a large scale.

In addition to explaining, you can tell stories to increase engagement.

Constantly monitor your existing content strategy and make appropriate changes if necessary.


  • Be responsive and available

This is a long-standing sore point for the vast majority of companies: availability.

If a person reads your blog post or sends an email or comment on your Facebook post and wants to ask you a few questions, can they communicate with you easily and how long does it take to respond?

After all, do you invest resources and money to retain your customers and to contact potential customers and then you are not available?

It makes no sense and is counterproductive.

The live chat or total reply service ensures that your team is always available to provide them with timely assistance, especially to explain complex products.


  • Invest in animated videos

This is a must for companies, especially those offering complex and difficult to understand products.

Animated videos are another key tool of digital marketing: they simplify complex concepts and attract attention instantly, it is immediate even when it is used to explain complex concepts .. They also have a high entertainment value and therefore generate greater engagement.

Create explanatory videos for your website and social media platforms and distribute these videos on different relevant channels, targeted to different buyers or target segments: personalizing your communication is one of the best CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) strategies.


  • Promote testimonials video

Who better than your customers can endorse and explain complex products?

Video customer testimonials are a powerful tool to drive conversion.

Ask them to record video or audio to share how the product solved their problems and the benefits it brought.

Explaining complex products also depends a lot on loyalty and promoting word of mouth.

A happy and satisfied customer will buy from you again and maybe, will activate word of mouth that will attract new customers and over time can even become your brand ambassador.

Explaining complex products requires complex but feasible solutions.

A correct approach will not only help you achieve this, but will improve your business results and return on investment.