Why is it useful to have a mobile app?

04 November 2019

Why is it useful to have a mobile app? There are about 19.2 million Italians who surf the net from their smartphone every day and even in Italy the number of internet connections from mobile devices has exceeded that of accesses via computer.

The merit of this evolution is certainly linked to mobile applications which in many cases allow consumers to get closer to companies and encourage the purchase of products and services from the comfort of their smartphone.

But why should a company, a business or a restaurant create their own mobile application?

1) You can reach your customers wherever they are

Thanks to the notifications, you can inform your customers for free at any time directly on their smartphone (news, promotions and events).

This way you can stop sending expensive SMS and finally reach your audience wherever they are.

2) You can give visibility to your products and services

Thanks to your application, you showcase products and services through photos, videos and descriptions.

In addition, owning an application will make your business visible in the App Stores around the world; in this way you will be able to take advantage of a new precious channel and reach a greater number of customers.

3) Retain your customers

Unlike a website, customer can view your products and services, discover promotions and read news directly from his smartphone, in full mobility and in the absence of a network.

4) Make yourself known and found

Through the contact section your references will always be clearly visible: enter your phone, email, website, social link and with the geo location on the map of your office you can be found and reached very easily.

5) Keep up with the times

The constant growth of the smartphone market has wiped out any passing fashion hypothesis for this sector. Therefore, aligning your business with these new mobile technologies will allow you not only to stand out from your competitors, but also to renew the image and value of your company.

Do you think an app is useful for your company? Contact us for more information!