Not just a website: the mobile app can be one of the tools to increase the visibility of your company

24 December 2019

Promote your company? How to do?

Here are some tools to increase visibility and retain your users!

Having a website, especially for a company, is essential today as more and more users are using the web to find information on products, companies and other kinds of knowledge.

But, having a website is one of the tools to increase visibility.

There are various techniques and tools that are needed to ensure and convey reactions and emotions in users.

The visibility tools for a company range from various elements, from technical, content, outpage to other.

The technique of a website and especially for a mobile app is essential to evaluate the instrumental elements, visibility and consumption.


Why can the mobile app be one of the tools to increase the visibility of your company?

Consumption trends have changed and these contents need to be adapted to be found quickly by visitors.
The advantages of including all the contents within an application:

  • Insert content within the reach of visitors;
  • Add in-depth information sheets;
  • Share videos and images;
  • Geolocate the position of users or companies to facilitate their availability; etc.

The goal of digital is to make a visit experiential and unique, and to make this consumption increasingly personalized and interactive.

Everything that we could normally find in a catalog, shop or on a user site can be easily reached with a click.

In addition, the convenience of downloading the app on a phone or tablet allows you to incentivize the visitor to use it.

Just these days, who hasn’t gone “crazy” about Christmas presents? Fitting work, various commitments, lunches, dinners and Christmas shopping is practically a not indifferent art! Having a mobile app can certainly be useful not only to save products in the list of favorites, for example, but allows you to facilitate the purchase process from smartphones, allowing users to operate quickly and in total safety.

Having a mobile app is a plus that can affect any type of company.

To develop an application, an upstream quantitative and qualitative analysis of the types of visitors (age, sex, language, etc.) must be carried out.

This is to understand the type of current use and optimize it to make it easily accessible and usable on all devices.


Non solo sito: l'app mobile può essere uno degli strumenti per aumentare la visibilità della tua azienda
Spreading material and above all to improve and guide the user in his buyer journey

Mobile apps are an excellent tool for a company’s business, capable of intriguing, interesting and retaining the target.

However, it should always be kept in mind that the life cycle of an app corresponds exactly to its usefulness.

So an app must certainly be simple to use but mainly it must be useful.

An App must not be a simple container, but is a tool that serves to disseminate material and above all to improve and guide the user in his buyer journey.

Only in this way can we be sure that it is really one of the tools to increase visibility and increase a company’s business.