Websites development

Many talk about Websites Development but it is really difficult to find a partner who develops websites and cloud applications with technical and communicational integrity. Webateca tries to be that partner …

Responsive websites are based on design technology that allows them to automatically adapt their shape to any device: it is therefore a technical implementation method that requires a website to adapt to the user’s behavior and environment. based on certain factors such as screen size, platform and, above all, the orientation of the device.

When it comes to the creation of responsive websites, therefore, there are no different versions of a site for desktop, smartphone or tablet because the site will automatically have its perfect conformation based on the type of screen used by users.

In this way, when the user switches from his desktop computer to a smartphone, the site automatically adapts to the new resolution, changes the size of the images and, in particular, contextualizes the contents in order to be easily used.

A responsive web site therefore presents itself to the user in a coherent way, and favors not only the use of the contents but also the use of the various advanced features provided by the site itself.

The development of a website can take place through predefined CMS (such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal), specific development frameworks (such as AngularJS, NodeJS or ReactJS) or tailor-made solutions: Webateca is able to provide support for each of these solutions.

Webateca is also able to create web applications (Web Cloud Software) or real software that reside on the cloud and which represent an innovative solution for the creation of management systems, business intelligence systems and E-commerce sites.

These applications can be integrated, through API (Application Program Interface), also with external services such as Social Networks, CRM, management platforms and more.

Whatever the development technology or the communication purpose of a website or cloud application, maximizing the User Experience (UX) is essential.

To this end, Webateca uses a very sophisticated system of preventive, concomitant and subsequent analysis, aimed at carrying out a careful and timely analysis of a company’s web presence.

The system consists of a real test that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the site, thus providing the opportunity to outline a detailed ad hoc improvement plan: one of the most important peculiarities of this analysis system consists in the centrality dedicated to the factor “Human” that characterizes the interaction between user and interface.

No automatic software is used: this allows to structure a relevant evaluation, based on the specific objectives of each site and consequently to reach personalized and reliable conclusions.