Web Marketing Providers

24 April 2022

Web Marketing providers are an increasingly important resource for companies that want to optimize the strategic use of the web to increase turnover and growth opportunities through the web.

Web Marketing is divided into a series of activities ranging from the creation and management of a website, to the creation and management of social campaigns, a Facebook page to the creation and optimization of content, just to name a few.

For this reason, Web Marketing suppliers identify themselves in many professional figures and skills that must cross and coordinate to provide the customer with the best service to help him achieve the set goals.

Also for this reason, companies that want to use web marketing are rarely able to manage it in total autonomy with internal staff.

Web Marketing providers must jointly be able to optimize the resources invested by the company in online visibility campaigns in order to increase traffic to the site of target users, thus maximizing the return on investment.

Therefore it is understood how diversified professional figures work in Web Agencies capable of managing the different communication and digital advertising channels.

Fornitori di Web Marketing

In any case, Web Marketing providers must be able to optimize the resources invested in online visibility campaigns to increase traffic to the site of target users, maximizing the return on investment.

The main figures of Web Marketing suppliers.

Digital marketing strategist.

Evaluate the company’s business and the specifics of the products / services to develop a strategy that makes the most of all online channels to obtain results.

He is the key figure of Web Marketing suppliers because the success of the digital marketing plan depends on his work.

In larger web agencies, this figure can also be joined by those of the digital media planner or the business analyst and the big data analyst to better define analysis and strategic planning.

Content marketing manager

Recalling that “content is king”, we understand that this is also a crucial figure because he is the expert in writing and creating content for the web aimed at Inbound Marketing.

SEO and SEM expert

The specialist in Google and other search engine algorithms.

He can improve the ranking of a site, bearing in mind over time SEO has transformed into something much more complex and today offers marketers many new possibilities and strategic plans.

Web designer

He deals with all aspects relating to graphic design and image reworking aimed at web marketing actions.

Social Media Marketing Manager

Among the Web Marketing providers, this takes care of the management of the presence on social media.

He knows in depth the specifics of social networks and the type of communication and content to be used to create a community that interacts and shares the contents created.

He also carries out continuous development and monitoring activities.

Project manager

Operationally manages all aspects of a project for the web, coordinating the figures and skills required for its implementation.

Its essential task is to achieve the project objectives, ensuring compliance with agreed costs, times and quality.

In addition, of course, to customer satisfaction.

We have seen that there are various types of Web Marketing providers who have different skills and roles.

Their professionalism makes the difference between being or not being visible online!