How important can an optimized mobile app be for your company?

17 December 2019

The statistics speak for themselves, in the last decade the optimized mobile app has become one of the most effective tools for the company, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

The reasons for this evolution are the following:

  • better browsing and shopping experience;
  • promotion of interconnection;
  • ease and immediacy.

The percentage of users who use mobile apps more at the expense of the mobile website has increased considerably.
Ease of use as well as immediacy are elements that have changed the habits of users who are increasingly motivated to download new apps and to abandon browser navigation on the small screen.

All this information is an element that motivates companies to intervene to keep up with the times and not to be swallowed up by increasingly fierce competition.

However, are we sure that an optimized mobile app is always the right choice for a business?

Mobile app and mobile website

First of all, an optimized mobile app is an improved application, that is, it offers additional services aimed at improving a visitor’s browsing experience.

A mobile website is the website that we see on the desktop of our computer and which is programmed to fit the screen of a smartphone and tablet.

We can access a mobile website from the browser and its limitations are: smaller screen, slow loading speed and an internet connection is always required.

The mobile app, on the other hand, is downloaded to your smartphone (App store, Play store) and offers, in addition to a better loading speed, greater capacity and performance. Don’t forget that some mobile apps also work offline!

Quanto può essere importante un’app mobile ottimizzata per la tua azienda?

An optimized mobile app is not always the right choice

All businesses must be aware that before taking any move to improve their strategy, it is necessary to study the brand.

Studying your own brand means first of all observing the target audience of the services they offer. If, for example, the target is made up of elderly people who do not need the specific services of an optimized mobile app, it will become useless to invest in something that benefits neither them nor the company.

For those who, on the other hand, will be interested in having more services in an app, be careful not to offer them anything. We need to study and understand well if an additional element can seriously make an app optimized in the eyes of those who use it.

So to the question “how important can an optimized mobile app be for your company” the answer is: as much as the needs of your specific customers or potential customers!

It is essential to adopt the right target analysis tools to obtain information regarding behaviors, age, frequency of use, needs, etc.

The optimized mobile app represents a loyalty tool for customers who will benefit from the new additional services aimed at improving their user experience. Young people, for example, are a target that responds very positively to evolution.

It becomes useless to finance this type of service when the recipient is not aware that something new has been made to the app they always use, unless it is supported by a system capable of teaching them to use the new services.

Furthermore, there are also people who are not inclined to change and who prefer to continue using the “old method”.