Promote your mobile app: here are the useful tools

15 April 2022

Promote your mobile app in 2020.

The mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones are a very useful and effective sales and sponsorship tool for services and products.

The app is the ideal tool to reach and involve a large number of users and to establish a deep relationship with them.

Today the mobile device market has experienced a boom in sales and the number of mobile users has long exceeded the number of desktop users.

It is therefore increasingly important to optimize your sites for the mobile version, thinking of adding a real mobile app to them.

Designing a mobile app is an investment that allows companies to retain customers by engaging them with targeted communications and dedicated promotions.

Before downloading the app, however, it is necessary to ensure that the app is known.

To promote your mobile app, a 360 ° strategic plan must be determined, which develops on different tools.

Tools to promote your mobile app

Optimization of the product page on the store to appear among the search results of users of the various App Stores.

As for web pages there is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), for mobile apps there is ASO (App Store Optimization).

Getting a large number of downloads is tricky if users don’t know your app.

The apps currently available for download on Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store are about 5 million, but smartphone users spend about 85% of their total time on 5 applications or less.

Additionally, nearly 4 out of 5 users no longer use an app after 72 hours of first installation.

Choosing the keywords in the app description and explanatory images, creating a storytelling of how the app presents itself in its potential, will create greater appeal.

Get a good number of reviews, as Android favors apps with the most, possibly positive, reviews, while Apple ranks those with more downloads as the best.

However, it is not possible to think of reaching only users who do a specific search on the stores.


Investment in Pay Per Click campaigns

App Campaigns are a way to advertise your app on Google platforms, with a simple and unique setup that allows you to reach users while doing a search (on the Network Search), while using another app (thanks to the Network Display ) or while watching their favorite video (on YouTube).

Google Ads is the best way to be found in Google Search results.

Let’s suppose we have developed an app that thanks to geolocation allows you to find the taxi closest to you.

A potential user, unfamiliar with our app, will type the long-tailed keyword “Contact Taxi Rome” on the Google search engine.

Our app download ad will now appear in the Google search results.

In addition to the search network, we can also consider activating a Display campaign.

For example, suppose you have developed an app that allows you to order lunch with a few simple clicks and have it delivered directly to your home or office.

It is 1.00 pm and our user is surfing the net, when between a news and a special event here is the image of a pizza that immediately catches his attention.

By clicking on the banner you will directly access the Store to download the app.

Promotion on Social Networks

A page dedicated to the mobile app will allow you to communicate the advantages of our product or service to potential users, to involve already active users by inviting them to share their experiences with us and thus create a community of people around our mobile app.

Promuovere la tua app mobile

Promote your mobile app with Offline Campaigns

Thanks to QR codes, it is easy to redirect a user from a paper publication to a website or directly to the app store.

You can use various materials to promote your app, as long as they fit your overall marketing strategy:

  • Flyers
  • Poster
  • Banner
  • Adhesives Magazines and printed paper
  • Packaging

Through the Packaging, by scanning the pack of a product using image recognition technology, it is possible to direct the user to download the app, thus offering an exclusive experience in the app.