Content creation for mobile! The rules to follow.

08 April 2022

Mobile Content: Everyone knows that “Content is king” and that it’s more relevant today than ever.

Mobile content can have a significant influence on everything from the output of a small business to the outcome of political elections.

Mobile content creation: there are precise rules to follow. All over the world, brands are united by the same goal: to generate unique content that their customers can relate to and, therefore, to help them achieve better business results. They spend endless time, money and resources on this goal.
However, there remain fundamental questions that every marketer must find answers: what are the basic pillars of content marketing? How do brands create compelling content that can be used to attract customers and ultimately increase sales? What is the secret to a truly successful content marketing strategy?

Let’s try to identify 11 simple rules for successful mobile content marketing.

1. Uniqueness

As far as content is concerned, uniqueness is the main parameter that allows you to stay above in a competitive world and adding something more is fundamental for the success of content marketing.

2. Specificity

Customize your content by medium – short and graphic for microblogging sites like Facebook and detailed and in-depth for long-form sites.

3. Relevance of the contents

If you are a local brand that wants to tap into the local market, your goal should be to answer the key questions asked by your local target audience.

You will also reap the rewards of increased user interest and a more likeable reputation.

4. Planning

Spontaneity doesn’t work in content marketing. Creating and publishing content without a proper plan (both weekly and monthly) can impact your long-standing goals and make your brand weak and unstable.

5. Think beyond the blog

Many digital marketing campaigns rely on blogging as the sole focus for content and engagement.

Diversify your content in the form of videos, infographics, presentations and images. Audience interaction will automatically increase.

6. Metrics

There is no point in pressing “Publish” if you don’t know how your content is performing. It’s not enough to have an occasional glimpse of social media traffic. Take traffic from all roads into account and adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly.

7. Contents optimization

Mobile-optimized websites get a lot more in terms of conversions than their counterparts. For example, it is imperative to create videos that can be viewed vertically instead of horizontally on a smartphone, as over 85% of mobile users watch videos in portrait mode.

8. Creativity risk

The courage to take risks will help you create unique content, as well as convey your brand as one that innovates.

While a safe strategy may offer a relatively consistent return, a risky strategy may offer a less certain but significantly higher outcome.

9. Simplicity

A minimalist approach and the use of simple, minimalist content can help you make your content marketing more concise and iconic.

10. Loyalty to your brand

Staying true to your brand identity is vital. An example of a great brand that does it well is Nike. Its marketing strategy focuses all of its content – videos, images and text – around its world-famous slogan, “Do it!”. As a result, its customers automatically connect to the content and respond positively, regardless of the context.

11. Response to feedback

Dealing with negative responses to your content can be challenging. Negativity is inevitable, but successfully circumnavigating depends on how well you handle criticism.

For better or for worse, as long as you answer!


Following these simple rules will help you expand your horizons and the quality of your mobile content. Not only will they increase your sales, but they’ll help you build and maintain a loyal customer base.

Considering that sales today are driven primarily by the content consumers are exposed to when they are online, tapping into their main areas of interest is also effective in getting your brand out there.